Who We Are

Our 6500+ hard-working members live and work in communities across Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Northeastern Oregon. You can find UFCW 1439 members in your local grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as in offices and meat packing houses. Your health care worker, golf professional or hairstylist might be a member as well!

Formed during the Great Depression, UFCW 1439 has bargained strong contracts resulting in better wages, benefits, and working conditions for its members and employees industry-wide. We set the standard so that all workers can get the recognition and compensation they deserve.

Union Benefits

Wages and Benefits

Union workers are paid more on average than non-union workers and are more productive. Members have access to quality affordable health care and most are able to participate in a retirement pension plan.

Union Representation

Simply put – the Union has your back! Union members’ jobs are contractually protected by just cause, and the Union is there to defend them from retaliation for employees exercising their rights under the National Labor Relations Act.


Be part of a movement! Join the over 1,000,000 UFCW members in the US and Canada that work towards improving the lives of all working people. More members means more bargaining strength, which means a greater ability to negotiate better wages, benefits and working conditions.

Member Discounts

A number of Union represented and other businesses give additional discounts for union members. This saves money wherever you are in search of any kind of service. 

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